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Daily awesomeness

Cultivating a sense of awe about everyday life is one of the best things anyone can do to improve wellbeing.

In some ways it's like an exaggerated gratitude list and the starting point is simply noticing every tiny aspect of our daily experiences and encounters. As an artist, I'm primed to do this all day long, but it wasn't always like that for me. I know that just remembering to pause and notice is for many a big challenge. But once we start, we can be awestruck by anything and everything. Through deeper reflection on how and why something is, appears here, like this and right now in this moment, something more profound and life affirming takes place and improves the day.

Autumn leaves are an easy cliche, yet I still catch my breath at the colour around me at this time of year. Real magic happens when you zoom in on the detail of the everyday and mundane. The patterning of individual leaves (and with an elderly dog, I have a lot of time to contemplate fallen leaves). The softness of a dog's ear. The sparkle of glass. The framing of a view. The miracle of electricity. Running water. Tiny seedlings.

When we are in awe of our everyday encounters we see all too clearly the need to look after this awesome world of ours. Cultivating awe helps us treasure our everyday ordinary. Our environment needs our awe. We are all better people when we act with this in mind.

Take a photo of something you have looked at with fresh eyes today and post it here!

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