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Transform life with Mussar


What is it and how does it work?


Mussar practice works by focussing and reflecting on an aspect of your soul - a soul trait or middah - one at a time. 

Through doing this, you will notice profound and positive changes in the way you interact with the world and those around you. 

For example, a soul trait or middah we often begin with is Humility. Humility is a rough translation of the Hebrew word avanah. We learn that Jewish tradition interprets humility-avanah in a broad sense. It's not just about stepping back from the centre of attention, but may also call for stepping more into the centre.  Studying humility will show you the transformational power and possibility of Mussar. 


Jewish spirituality has so much to offer us as we journey through life. Here at SoulBalance, we love to hear from each other how we work ancient wisdom into our everyday. We find each conversation inspiring, enlightening and supportive of cultivating positivity and good practices into every day.

We decided to share these conversations wider, and now every Tuesday morning at 8.15am, for just 20 minutes, we're live on our Facebook page, practicing gratitude. It is a chance to start the day well, or press the reset button if your day has already started.

You are very welcome to join us! Live on Facebook, or it is available afterwards on both our Facebook page, and our YouTube channel (click on the link below, or find @soulbalancemussar on both platforms). We hope this helps you to cultivate a strong practice of gratitude, and that you feel it working wonders for the rest of your day!


Various dates in January through to April 2023


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