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Introducing the Middot



Finding your space

We start with humility. We learn that the Hebrew word ananvah,

and Jewish tradition views humility in a holistic way. You are encouraged to step in, as much as step away, from the space you occupy.

Humility is the foundational middah to really understand the transformational power of Mussar.

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Every morning we can begin our day with an expression of gratitude

Learning to become aware of the tiniest magical moments in life is one of the most powerful transformative actions we can take.  Join us live on Facebook every Tuesday 8.15 GMT for 20 minutes practice



Freeing emotion

Anger is often perceived as a negative emotion. 
In Mussar, we discover that, like all the middot, there is no 'negative' or 'positive' soul trait. 
We explore how anger shows up in our lives and how we can manipulate it for good.

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Silent power

Silence can be golden. Silence can also be sinister.
We shine a light on moments of silence; the power they can hold and how we can find the balance of practicing silence in our own lives.

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