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Be Here Now

It can sometimes feel so easy to let life rush by, especially at this time of year as the academic year has come, or is coming to an end.

My 11-year-old daughter is finishing primary school today. She is so happy right now, surrounded by friends and an environment she is so familiar and confident in.

Come September, it will be a new school, new teachers, new classmates, nothing familiar.

She doesn’t want this chapter to end, but end it will, at 3pm today.

This morning on the way to school I suggested she tries to take a moment to look up. To take in everything going on. To observe the situation around her and take in the details. To really commit the detail to memory.

Life does pass by; chapters end, new ones begin and at some point the story ends, and we don’t know when.

We don’t have to let the moments pass by, though.

Look up, take this moment in, take in the details.

By doing so, we can prolong this moment a little longer, before life moves on again.

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