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On our way to Sinai

We are over half way through our journey, four weeks ago we celebrated our freedom from slavery in Egypt with the festival of Pesach, and in just under three weeks, we arrive at Shavuot where we celebrate receiving Torah on Mount Sinai.

This time in the Jewish calendar is called the Omer, and we count each day, each step towards the next milestone.

Sometimes the task can seem daunting, the destination too distant, and the obstacles too big to overcome. But through this sacred simple counting, each day, taking that small human step forwards, reminds me that that's all that is demanded of me. Each day, one more step. Suddenly we are over half way through, Pesach is thirty three days away and I can see progress, in small incremental steps. I am not looking too far ahead to Shavuot. It is enough that today I am a day closer, and have taken another step forwards on my journey.

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