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Scrubbing vegetables as spiritual practice

This morning, we received our organic vegetable box delivery, and as I was unpacking its contents, I groaned:

At the bottom of the box were about eight muddy carrots. I was so frustrated that here was ANOTHER household duty that I needed to fulfil before starting my day proper; scrubbing the carrots clean before putting them in the fridge.

I reached into my Mussar toolbox: could I turn this moment into a moment of spiritual practice, and therefore, spiritual awakening?

As I contemplated this thought, the brown mud started disappearing from the carrot, revealing an amazing bright, vibrant, orange.

I genuinely marvelled at this magically appearing beautiful vegetable in my hands, and smiled:

How had I not appreciated colour in this way before? How does it even work that hidden in the ground, from a tiny seed with just water and sunshine, a bright orange carrot grows?

Mah gadlu ma'asecha Adonai - How great are your works, God!

I finished the job with a lightness in my movements and spirit - I was grateful for the opportunity to scrub vegetables after all.

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