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Challenging travels

My less helpful character traits are never more evident than when travelling. I'm not proud of this. In quick succession I can find myself effortlessly floating between anger, impatience and boredom. Although much much less these days thanks to mussar training !

At every stage of every journey there are so many points to make positive choices regarding responses to the potential aggravation of EVERYTHING .

Making plans to facilitate good choices on the day began a few days ago, as I anticipated the delights of likely cancelled trains and security checks. I booked train tickets hours earlier than needed to minimise delay stress. Chose clothing, shoes and accessories to minimise likelihood of security patdowns. Loaded up audio books and sketching materials to while away the empty hours necessitated by the train choices. And so on and so on. I've practiced compassion to aggressive passenger handlers and smiled every time I was accidentally knocked by large bags.

I have been rewarded by an empty seat next to me in an otherwise packed flight. Virtue is its own reward but an empty seat is especially pleasing.

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