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Welcome along!

SoulBalance started when three of us connected through being introduced to and inspired by Mussar. We each felt huge gratitude for the gifts Mussar gave each of us to help navigate the world, and figure out how we want to show up in it each day. We felt instinctively that it deserves a wide audience, and that we could create that friendly, welcoming, interactive and accessible space.

So earlier this year (2022), we began meeting regularly. Two of us live locally to each other in Leeds, UK. The other member of the team is in Boston, USA. We don't even blink any more knowing that we can collaborate internationally, but - and this is a practice I have strengthened through Mussar - I want to take a moment to show appreciation for the truly phenomenal and awe inspiring fact that we can work together, and make the world a better place, with colleagues hundreds of miles away, through a few clicks on the computer and a good internet connection. To all the forces and people and creativity that have led humanity to this world of access to instant global collaboration - thank you!

Those regular meet ups between the three of us have got us to this moment; a project with a name, a website, a social media presence, and, most importantly, a variety of invitations for you to join and learn and grow with us and with Mussar.

Welcome along!

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